Digital Asset Management

Aetopia creates powerful and scalable digital asset management solutions.

We help organisations store, manage and safeguard their digital assets – with advanced solutions and expertise they can trust.


What is different about Aetopia?

We are 100% focused on digital asset management solutions – we don’t do anything else.

We provide the most customisable DAM solutions on the market and can help ANY organisation with their Enterprise DAM requirements.

We keep your assets secure – our ISO27001 certification gives peace of mind that your assets are safe. Aetopia has made GDPR compliance a priority as it relates to both DAM software and processes, helping your organisation stay on top of your GDPR responsibilities.

Our experienced team specialises in working closely with our customers to deliver tailored solutions that meet the most exacting business needs.

What problems does the Aetopia DAM solution address?

Creatives waste 62.5 hours annually searching for assets (State of DAM Report 2015). No matter your organisation or role, the same common struggles are holding us back. A powerful DAM setup can help you:

  • Enhance brand consistency & image management

  • Increase speed of access to required assets, reduce downtime

  • Easy sharing of assets promotes digital collaboration inside and outside your organisation

  • Improved security and control of digital assets

  • Supports legal and regulatory compliance, e.g. GDPR

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Image by Jessica Ruscello

Is the Aetopia DAM solution right for my organisation?

Every customer is unique. Our DAM platform is one of the most configurable on the market and the power and flexibility of the software can fit almost any organisation or industry sector. Many of our clients work in:

  • Policing & Security

  • Digital Collections & Archives

  • Media & Publishing

  • Scientific archives

  • Brand Management


Some of our Clients

Our expert team works closely with many well-known organisations who have trust and confidence in Aetopia.



Aetopia was honoured to be chosen by the V&A as the preferred supplier of its DAM solution. Integrated to the Collections Management system and V&A’s busy website, Aetopia DAM is underpinning multiple digitisation projects at the museum.



Aetopia are proud to assist Kew in their mission ‘to be the global resource for plant knowledge, building an understanding of the world’s plants upon which all our lives depend’.


Food Standard Agency

The mission of the FSA is to use their expertise and influence so that people can trust that the food they buy and eat is safe and honest.

Aetopia worked with the Food Standard Agency to deliver a DAMS solution for the National Food Crime Unit.



Aetopia worked in close partnership with CWGC to create a DAM system and associated upload portal for the management of their large and growing collection of digital assets.

The project included an initial ingest phase of existing assets into the secure cloud based DAMS.



Aetopia worked closely with the BBC to create an advanced editorial compliance solution built on top of the core DAM platform, plus full integration with their federated search engine.


Christie Digital

Christie Digital is a leading provider of high-performance projection displays and visualisation solutions for professional markets.

Their Aetopia DAMS solution promotes the brand, showcases new marketing material and educates the end user in best practice.


NUI Galway

Together with the National University of Ireland, Galway, Aetopia created a theatre archive solution that manages over 1.8 million items. The system has extensive admin capabilities including complex rule-based workflows and redaction of sensitive material.


Highways England

Highways England manage and improve England's motorways and major A-roads, helping our customers have safer, smoother and more reliable journeys.

Aetopia have been working with Highways England since 2017.



Since our establishment in 2004, we’ve had a great track record in delivering Digital Asset Management solutions, having helped countless clients find solutions to their organisational challenges. Read on to learn what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us. Contact us today to experience it for yourself.

Following a competitive tendering process, Aetopia were selected to work with us to provide a solution for the management of our large and growing collection of digital assets. These assets covered a range of subjects and dates, ranging from scans of historic negatives and photographs from our archive collection, to modern, born digital images taken by our staff.

Aetopia worked with us every step of the way to understand the nature of our collections, the different stakeholders involved, and the variety of end uses for the assets. While our own internal requirements gathering exercise had highlighted the various scenarios, Aetopia were able to utilise their expertise and knowledge to suggest new and innovative solutions to how we would collect, manage and provide access to our collections.

Through workshops, training sessions and weekly project catch-ups, Aetopia worked with us to implement the solution, which was successfully rolled out to our staff and volunteers, and they have continued to provide exemplary support post-launch. We now have a system which our staff find easy to use, which can accommodate all of our different user requirements, and which allows us to easily share assets with colleagues around the organisation.

Andrew Fetherston, Chief Archivist, CWGC

For the past 10+ years, Aetopia have provided and supported an excellent DAM solution for our extensive digital archive at Racing Post Photos. Their solution allows us to collate all of our images, ranging back to the 1980's and our photographers can also upload photos instantly, which is vital for our business.

Nick Driver, B2B Customer Success Manager, Racing Post

For the past 6 years Aetopia have been instrumental in the creation of an easy-to-use, secure and central location for our brand and marketing assets. Development of the platform has allowed our external channel to have self-serve access to the content they need when they need it.

Technical support is always at hand with an extremely supportive and reliable team of friendly knowledgeable staff that go the extra mile.
We look forward to working with Aetopia for many years to come.”

David Lloyd, Visual brand designer,


Why Aetopia?

Founded in 2004, Aetopia helps organisations to unlock the potential of their digital content. We provide the software, tools and consulting services that help you discover, manage and add value to your assets through the expert application of DAM.