Digital Asset Management for Law Enforcement

Secure management of digital evidence for police and security purposes


What is Law Enforcement DAM?


DAM for Law Enforcement is a set of processes for securely organising, storing and sharing all types of evidential digital assets


Deploy on-premise, on the cloud, or adopt a hybrid approach.


Allows users to quickly access the content they need with easy to navigate folders, tags and search functionality

Control Access

Access and sharing permissions can be set per user

Apply Retention

Define asset retention rules to suit your requirements



  • Proven at scale

  • Aggregate your digital evidence in one place

  • Multiple integration options

  • Share evidence securely with 3rd parties

  • Improve compliance and reduce costs

Key Features

  • Supports complex data retention rules

  • Secure Evidence sharing portal

  • Granular Access Control

  • Batch editing

  • Instant search

  • Transform and download