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Key Features of the Aetopia DAM Platform


Web & Mobile Friendly

Aetopia DAM is a 100% web application and does not require any downloads or plugins. It’s also built for mobile, and works well on small screen devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Flexible Upload Options

Choose the upload option that best suits you: web, FTP or folder sync. We also support very large asset transfers through hard disk exchange, or direct cloud upload (e.g. Amazon S3 bucket).

Infinitely Scalable

Aetopia DAM has been designed from the ground up to support collections of any size. For larger deployments, Aetopia comes pre-integrated with market-leading data preservation solutions, and we also offer our own cloud-based cold storage options.

Define Your Taxonomy

Aetopia DAM comes with the tools to model the most complex, hierarchical and self-referencing taxonomies, including scientific archives.  Alternatively, it’s fine if you want to keep things simple. Either way our experts will help you get started, and the batch tagging features make classifying your assets as pain-free as possible.

Powerful Search

Powered by Elastic Search technology, our search service indexes everything we know about assets – combining individual metadata together with hierarchical taxonomic data (inherited, for example, from a parent collection or series) into a comprehensive search index. Search everything, from one simple search box.


Upload an unlimited number of assets into the system using the provided web or ftp loaders, or with the folder sync option. The system will automatically manage duplicate detection, versioning and storage for you.


Use Aetopia’s advanced taxonomy tagging system to flexibly categorise assets. You can keep it simple, or model advanced hierarchies and inheritance – it’s up to you! Assets can be directly linked together or to a parent product or series – all supported via configuration. Assets can be tagged in batches to save time.


Utilise the provided lightbox functionality to share selected assets with authorised users inside and outside of your organisation. Easily control download options and expiry dates with the assurance of comprehensive security auditing. The task-based workflow functionality facilitates collaboration and team working.


Another sharing option is to deploy a microsite that is designed for sharing part of your collection with 3rd parties such as the media, funders, stakeholders and so on. Our microsite portal is designed specifically as a simple web client for distributing assets to a wide audience. It supports online self-registration and approval workflows, and is easily styled to accurately reflect your brand.


Use the built-in reporting dashboard to understand how and when your assets are being used. See who’s logging in, what’s being downloaded and what users are searching for. Integration into your Google Analytics dashboard is also provided out of the box.


Aetopia is the only DAM that includes built-in redaction for documents, images, and video.