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Law Enforcement

Organisations can upload, store, classify and share evidence such as video files, CCTV footage, audio, images and documents efficiently with our highly-secure and evidence-centric DAM for Law Enforcement solution. This can also be referred to as Digital Evidence Management.

Running on private, public or hybrid cloud, the DAMS acts as a central repository for all digital media coming into the organisation, doing away with hard drives, USB sticks and DVDs. The system complies with data protection, GDPR and MOPI guidelines, and seamlessly integrates with validated third parties such as the Crown Prosecution Service, Legal Defence teams and HM Courts.

Over thirty thousand items of digital evidence have been shared to date with the CPS in England using the Aetopia DAM for Law Enforcement system. All Aetopia technical staff are police-vetted and approved to work on UK policing projects.

Digital Collections & Archives

It is easy to discover, catalogue and share scientific, cultural and heritage collections with Aetopia’s web friendly and mobile ready DAM solutions.

All of our software works in the public cloud, anywhere in the world, and scales infinitely using Amazon Web Services. We can also deploy on private cloud, or on premise, using your own hardware and storage. You choose.

The system offers flexible upload options supporting collections of any size with pre-integrated digital preservation solutions. Aetopia DAM is built for even the most complex self-referencing archives combining metadata with hierarchical taxonomic data.

Quickly publish selected collection assets to funders, the media, or the public, using our integrated micro-site technology.

Image by Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge
Image by Don Pinnock

Brand Content Management

Collect, organise and share your brand’s assets with Aetopia’s Brand Management DAM. Upload an unlimited number of assets into the system using the provided web or ftp loaders, or with the folder sync option.

The system will automatically manage duplicate detection, versioning and storage for you. Use Aetopia’s advanced taxonomy tagging system to flexibly categorise assets. You can keep it simple, or model advanced hierarchies and inheritance – it’s up to you!

Assets can be directly linked together or to a parent product or series – all supported via configuration. Assets can be tagged in batches to save time.

Once your assets are all in one place and have been tagged, you can find your best assets via simple search keywords using the auto-generated filter facets to refine your results.

Utilise the provided lightbox functionality to share selected assets with authorised users inside and outside of your organisation. Easily control download options and expiry dates with the assurance of comprehensive security auditing. The task-based workflow functionality facilitates collaboration and team working.

Media & Publishing

Aetopia DAM helps media and publishing organisations such as Press, PR and Photo Agencies to manage the large volumes of digital assets that typically flow through their organisations.

Aetopia DAM operates as a ‘Picture Desk’, acting as a central system for photographers and videographers, who quickly send back media to it from the field using FTP or web upload channels.

The built-in ‘Project’ functionality allows managers to track job assignments and engagements.  The system also enforces workflows for picture editors and creative teams to improve productivity and promote digital collaboration.

Another key feature of Aetopia DAM is the ability to provide controlled digital media access to third parties such as corporate clients, or the public, though advanced sharing functionality and micro-site capabilities.

Running either on-premise or in the cloud, and scaling to handle millions of images and videos, Aetopia DAM is the most flexible solution on the market for the Media and Publishing sector.

Image by Alexander Andrews